17 maart 2012

the first of the season

Ok, first of the season, day started out  moisty and cold,  waking up a bit to early considering our
drinking session  the night before, the latex wasn't even totally dried up even after we finished the whole wall....but hey, it's a start isn't it!

26 januari 2012

FIEND Projects Art Festival

Fiend Projects Art Festival X PART I from Laurens Groven on Vimeo.

3D fun in digital clay land (part III)

Ok, just finished my second 'model' in Sculptris, it was more of an exercise using all the different tools available in Sculptris.  When the model was finished I exported it as psd and did some texturing and painting in Photoshop.  It not something 'usefull', it is what it is, an exercise.